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Pangalay Dance 2 by asukacaramel Pangalay Dance 2 by asukacaramel
Animated GIF for our batch's (senior year) Contest Entry, the Pangalay.

About Pangalay: (Source :

Pangalay (also known as Daling-Daling or Mengalai in Sabah) in is the traditional “fingernail” dance of the Tausūg people of the Sulu Archipelago and Sabah. This dance is the most distinctively Asian of all the Southern Philippine dances because dancers must have dexterity and flexibility of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists– movements that strongly resemble those of “kontaw silat,” a martial art common in the Malay Archipelago. The Pangalay is performed mainly during weddings or other festive events. The male equivalent of the Pangalay is the Pangasik and features more martial movements, while a pangalay that features both a male and female dancer is called Pangiluk.

The original concept of the Pangalay is based on the pre-Islamic Buddhist concept of male and female celestial angels (Sanskrit: Vidhyadhari, Bahasa Sūg: Biddadari) common as characters in other Southeast Asian dances.

To all Seniors, I dedicate this deviation to you. Even though we didn't win this time, I hope that we should be optimistic enough not to lose hope. We can do it! :iconspinplz:
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